400 Game Celebration

Nicole jorre de st jorre - 400 games

Nicole’s SBL journey commenced with the now defunct Swan City Mustangs back in 1999 before joining the Senators in 2000, and has spent seasons with Wanneroo and East Perth, returning to Warwick in 2018.

Over that journey she has amassed a massive 1047 assists, over 1500 rebounds and almost 3000 points. Whilst her statistics are outstanding during that time, in the words of Nic’s good friend Katie Reed, it is her hard work, and her ability to support as a leader, that has seen her excel in basketball over so many years.

Senators NBL1 Women’s Head Coach Jonelle Morley had this to say about Nicole: “With such a young group we are lucky to have the leadership of such a passionate and experienced player in Nic. Having played with her back in the early 2000s, I can honestly say she has continued to get better with every season and I am so fortunate to have been her teammate, a mate and now someone I have had the pleasure of coaching.”

We look forward to celebrating this 400 game milestone this Sunday evening at 5pm at Warwick Stadium vs Perry Lakes Hawks, we hope to see you there!