Senior Domestic Basketball


key dates

*Existing teams will be given priority

Age requirements: 16+

Season start: 28th March – 2nd April 2022 

*Monday AM starts May 2nd 2022

Last regular round: 29th August – 3rd September 2022

*Monday AM – 5th September 2022

Semi Finals: 5th September –  10th September 2022

*Monday AM – 12th September 2022

Finals: 12th September –  17th September 2022

*Monday AM – 19th September 2022


Monday – AM Female Basketball 

Monday – PM Senior Basketball (Male & Female) 

Tuesday – Senior Premier League (Male & Female) 

Wednesday –  PM Senior (Male & Female) 

Thursday – PM Masters (Male & Female) 

*Males over 35 and Females over 30

Saturday – Men’s


Game day: $12.00 per player per game

*Monday AM game day fee – $10.50 

Team Registration: $155 team fee

Basketball WA (BWA) Affiliation fee:  A compulsory annual fee of $36.75, which covers an individual across all BWA associations

*If an individual’s fee is due to expire mid season, you will be asked to pay it prior to the season commencing.

Forfeit: $80 (less than 24 hours notice), $55 (more than 24 hours notice)

All payments must be made at the time of registration


BWA are now transitioning from GameDay to PlayHQ  as of the next season.  Registrations, fixtures and results will now be accessed through this new system.