Senators Programs Terms and Conditions

General conditions

Warwick Senators programs do not run on public holidays/long weekends 

There is no ability to participate in make up programs or register for partial length programs.  Spots are limited and cannot be held for trial purposes.

I acknowledge that my child may be injured in the course of a program and I understand and voluntarily accept the risk and agree that Warwick Senators will not be liable for any injury including without limitation personal, bodily or mental injury and/or economic loss. 

I acknowledge that during a program the coaches may make reasonable physical contact with my child in order to practice skills (by physically guiding them through the movement) or to simulate the physical contact that occurs during a game. 

I acknowledge that any photos or videos taken during the sessions/camps may be used for future promotional use. All people entering a facility that is running a WS competition or program will be subject to that facilities conditions of entry available here. 


If you wish to cancel your registration in a program, you must complete the Refund Request Form

For Aussie Hoops refunds please note that refunds exclude the participant pack fee ($48) and complete the above Refund Request Form AND the Basketball Australia Aussie Hoops Refund Form

  • If you submit this form 1 week before the program commences will be receive the program fee minus the transaction fee (3.9%).
  • If you submit this form in the first two weeks of the program you will receive the balance outstanding of the program minus the transaction fee (3.9%).
  • If a medical condition prevents participation in 5 or more program sessions, you will be refunded the balance of program costs the transaction fee (3.9%)
  • If you choose to cancel after the first two weeks of the program (except medical reason) no refund will be offered.

Following cancellation, you have no entitlement to program participation.