Junior Domestic Basketball


key dates


WABL player restrictions: See point 14 in our domestic handbook

Last regular round: 5th September – 10th September 2022

Semi Finals: 12th September –  17th September 2022

Finals: 19th September –  24th September 2022


Game day: $10 per player per game

Player Registration (within a team): $35 per player

Player Registration (without a team): $70 per player

*Purchase of a playing singlet included

*Please note that registering teams are required to provide their OWN singlets.  Warwick Stadium are no longer hiring out singlets to registering TEAMS. 

Basketball WA (BWA) Affiliation fee:  A compulsory annual fee of $36.75, which covers an individual across all BWA associations

*If an individual’s fee is due to expire mid season, you will be asked to pay it prior to the season commencing. 

Forfeit: $50 (less than 24 hours notice), $25 (more than 24 hours notice)

Team withdrawal: $50

All payments must be made at the time of registration



Age group requirements - winter 2022